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1. Are all boxes sold by SUPERBOX ecological?

The vast majority of boxes sold by SUPERBOX are ecological. The box description states whether the box ecological. We want our customers to choose environmentally friendly packaging that does not pollute nature.

2. If the box is eco-friendly, does it mean it is made from recycled cardboard?

No. An eco-friendly box is one that is made only of paper not covered with plastic film. Only such paper is environmentally friendly, decomposes naturally in nature and does not pollute it. Such packaging can be sorted and disposed as waste paper for recycling. Packaging coated with plastic films (glossy and matte laminates) pollutes nature with plastic as it does not disintegrate naturally, it is not recyclable and therefore not environmentally friendly.

3. What is the difference between recycled and non recycled cardboard packaging?

Packaging made from recycled cardboard differs from packaging made from primary wood raw material in terms of appearance and functionality. Recycled cardboard is not as aesthetically pleasing and durable as cardboard made from cellulose. It is less resistant to moisture and mechanical damage, it is thicker and heavier. It is these qualities that you should pay attention to when looking for a shipping package. A few additional grams of packaging or slightly larger outer dimensions of the package can lead to a higher shipping cost. Recycled cardboard packaging must have a certificate to confirm this. Assurance by the seller alone that the packaging is made from recycled cardboard is not sufficient.

Packaging made from recycled (KRAFT) cardboard is also environmentally friendly. It does not pollute nature because of being biodegradable, it can be composted or recycled. Certified boxes of unprocessed cardboard can be made from raw material extracted from a responsibly managed forest that is constantly replanted.

4. Are black boxes eco-friendly?

Yes, black corrugated cardboard boxes are environmentally friendly because they are made only of paper and naturally decompose in nature. Black boxes are sorted into waste paper for further recycling. If the box has a PVC window, it should be removed and sorted with plastic waste.

5. Are the black boxes painted?

No, the black boxes are made of decorative black corrugated cardboard. All layers of this corrugated cardboard (including the wave inside) and the edges of the cardboard are black. The edge of the painted cardboard is white.


1. Will I have to fold the boxes myself?

Yes, the boxes are sold flat – not folded. Folding instructions can be found on the product page.

2. Can I return or replace the defective or wrong box?

You can return purchased it quality goods within 14 days, if the goods meet the return conditions described.

3. Can I get the boxes today?

Yes, if we have stock in our warehouse and you will pick up the goods yourself at Raudondvario pl. 150, Kaunas, Lithuania. Opening hours: I-V 08:00 – 17:00

4. Can I send gift boxes by mailing point or courier if they are not packed in a protective box?

No, gift boxes with windows in black or white are not recommended for shipping. Such boxes may become dirty, scratched or bent, so they should be packed in protective boxes for shipping.


1. Can I buy fewer boxes than the minimum order quantity?

If you prefer to purchase a smaller quantity, you have the option to visit our brick-and-mortar shop in Kaunas or make a purchase via our e-shop. Simply select one of the services offered in the product samples category.

2. Can I cancel an individual order?

You cannot cancel an individual order if its implementation has already started.

3. Can you make boxes according to my preferred dimensions?

Yes, we can make boxes according to your dimensions, but the minimum order quantity will be 100 boxes.

4. Can you increase or decrease the dimensions of the box from the SUPERBOX online store?

Yes, we can reduce or increase the box dimensions but this will already be classified as individual orders and the minimum order quantity of 100 shall apply, while the production will take 2 to 4 weeks.

5. Can you make boxes according to my design?

Yes, we can make boxes according to your design. If you have no packaging layout, printable logo or illustration, all this will be possible to create by our company designers. You can find more about our services in the category - services.

6. How long does it take for you to produce and ship the boxes?

Production and delivery of individual boxes takes 2 to 4 weeks.

7. Can you make the insert by order?

Sure, we can design a brown, white or black insert. The product specification for each box will provide information on whether we can create custom inserts and the associated design and production costs.


1. Do brown, white, and black boxes have specific colour codes?

The raw materials we use to make our brown, white and black boxes have no colour codes. Brown is a volatile and constantly changing colour. The colour of the brown boxes may vary considerably from one batch to another. Black and white colours are more consistent. Black is similar to Black 6 U in the Pantone palette.